Before Your First Appointment

An initial appointment with a psychologist can be a positive experience.  There are some "business" things you should know before your first appointment.  There are two people in my practice.  I am a full-time psychology professor who sees client on the side a few hours a week.  I also have a masters-level therapist who sees people under my supervision who is also part-time.   

Location.  My office is in the Classroom building on the Regent University campus, which is at the Indian River Road exit off of I-64.  Campus Map.  The office is located in the Classroom Building on Regent University campus.  Regent University is just off I-64 at the Indian River Road East exit.  In the classroom building go to suite 188 (the Psychological Services Center) and the staff there will let us know you have arrived. 

I am providing care through telehealth.  Advanced Informed Consent for Telehealth here

Cost and Insurance.  I am an out-of-network provider.  That means you would pay for the counseling services without using your insurance, or use out of network benefits.  I will help with any out of network paperwork for your insurance if you want to use it.  And I accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Health Savings Account/FSA credit cards.  There are many advantages to meeting with someone completely privately, outside of insurance.  Many types of counseling are not covered by insurance (typically couples therapy, parenting, career, personal coaching, and education-related testing).  Also deductible and co-pay costs are often quite high, meaning the difference in cost may be less than you think.  Your counseling or psychological testing would not be covered unless you have a psychiatric diagnosis.  Also, information about your counseling would have to be shared with your insurance company, such as your diagnosis, which could have unknown effects on the future healthcare options.  For this reason many clients prefer to seek psychotherapy outside of their insurance.

The costs and financial agreement for Dr. Ripley are here.  

For those needing lower cost treatment the masters-level clinician working under Dr. Ripley's supervision provides psychotherapy as well for a reduced rate ($25-40).  That cost and financial agreement for the masters-level clinician is here.

Intake Forms.  If you can click here and print and complete the intake before you come, that helps us spend time wisely in our first appointment. 

Child intake form found here.

Couples counseling intake form found here (both partners complete separately).

Scheduling an Appointment.  You can call my office, 757-352-4296, or email, and I can answer any further questions and ensure you are matched with the right counseling to fit your needs.  I do not use an office secretary so if I am not able to answer the phone I will return your call shortly.

At Your First Appointment

We will get to know each other.  I will want to know what you hope will happen in working with me.  I will want to know the history of the problem you are working to improve so I can come along side you in this time in your life.  We will work together to look at areas of your life that make you vulnerable to the problem, and areas of strength you can draw from for improvements.  Those areas might be biological/ physical, relationships, spiritual, emotional, cognitive/thinking or behavioral.  We will generally create an immediate plan for change involving something different you can begin doing the first week after counseling.  I often will want to consult with family members or important people in your life, if that is helpful to you.

Ripley Consulting LLC, 1000 Regent University Dr, Classroom Building Suite 161, Virginia Beach VA 23464 757-354-4132