Thank you for signing up for Counseling with Vaughn Miller, M.A.

I look forward to our meeting.  This page has forms and administrative things for you so I apologize for the “dry” content.  But I prefer to get these out of the way so we can focus on you during the intake session and not on paperwork.

My office is in the Classroom Building.  Go to suite 188, the Psychological Services Center, and there is a nice lobby there.  I will come get you at our appointment time.  You can park in "Visitor" or "PSC Client" parking spots, or anywhere in the parking lot.  A map to the office can be downloaded here.

 If you can download and print the  "intake form" below that corresponds with the type of counseling you are seeking and complete it prior to coming to our meeting, that would allow us to use the whole meeting time to discuss your concerns instead of paperwork.  

 Couple therapy intake form (print 2, one for each of you)

Individual intake form (if seeking individual therapy)

You do not not need to print any of these below. They are for your information to read.  I'll have any signature sheets printed for you in my office.

1.  Vaughn Miller's Therapist Disclosure Form includes important information about the practice like what happens in missed appointments, confidentiality, and my qualifications.

2.  The confidentiality agreement

3.  The payment agreement makes it clear the cost for you, no surprises.

 If anything happens and you need to cancel or reach me, call the office number at 757-354-4132.  There isn’t a receptionist for the practice so you will communicate directly with me for scheduling.  You can email me about scheduling if you like, or call me. I look forward to meeting you and working with you towards goals for your better future.  Thank you.

The practice email address is 

Email communication is confidential and this email is considered protected.  However, email will only be used for scheduling and similar “logistics” issues.  You should not email personal information about your therapy, testing, or consulting since confidentiality can never be fully guaranteed.